Getting Involved

We are accepting new students at all levels. Thanks for your interest in the group.
However, kindly do not contact the PI directly with regard to Graduate Admissions.
Please see below and contact accordingly:

Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in our lab! If you are a current (or admitted) graduate student at UofT, then please send an email to discuss opportunities.
If you are not a UofT student, kindly apply to the CS and/or MiE Graduate program and contact me after you have applied. I am unable to evaluate applications in email and cannot make admissions decisions.

Undergraduate/MScAC (CS)/ MEng Students

We recruit undergraduate researchers at all class levels, though a background in AI and machine learning, as well as excellent grades, are preferred. We typically interview new undergraduate researchers at the beginning of the term.
Please complete this form and send an email.

Prospective Post-Doctoral Researchers

We are actively looking for post-doctoral researchers to join the lab.
Please complete this form and send an email.


If you are not a current UofT student and are interested in a short-term visit, there are a few opportunities with preference for self-funded and/or fellowship supported visitors.
Please complete this form and send an email.

Getting in Touch

Best way to reach PAIR PI is over email:
For mailing address and visits, please see here: Animesh Garg Contact and Office Hours